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Cockroaches Control Services

Service Details : MAXFORCE bayer gel treatment at the most suspected areas like wall cracks, crevices, freeze, holes in electrical appliances, etc.

Odourless liquid sprinkling to be done in all part of house. Protection from cockroaches, Red ants, Black ants.


  • •Safe and Customer friendly
  • • The chemicals that are used in the treatment are odorless
  • • During and after the treatment, no need to leave the premises
  • • No need to empty drawers or to cover up sensitive equipment
  • • Can be carried out during working hours without any disturbance
  • Warranty :

  • •Single Service comes with a 3 months warranty.
  • •Yearly Service comes with year long protection assurance.
  • Safety Note :

  • •do not touch chemicals until dry.
  • •do not spray or wipe other chemicals on the gel.